Corrector, to camouflage marks and conceal skin problems in specific areas.

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Corrector is a cosmetic that is in the same family as concealer. It has similar properties to concealer. But it’s different in that the corrector uses the principles of color theory to help cover up acne scars, dark circles under the eyes, and various flaws on the face. It also acts as a makeup base. Helps adjust the skin color to be smooth and even, which prepares the skin before applying foundation to get a finished look that looks beautiful and flawless.

Seeing that there are many colors like this, ladies, don’t be confus. Because the collection is like a makeup base that helps adjust the skin color only in specific areas. And the way to use it is to use it sparingly. To solve various skin problems before applying foundation, for example, if you have heavy dark circles under your eyes, you should use a pink collection first to adjust the skin tone in that area. Then follow with concealer or conceal dark circles under the eyes. This will help brighten the under-eye area more than using concealer alone.

Many people may be confus that if we have skin problems like this. What color must be use to solve the problem? Let’s just say that everyone thinks about the theory of opposites. Which colors are opposite each other? I took that color to help fix it. (Who can’t imagine this? It is UFABET recommend to save the chart of opposite colors.) For example: If we want to camouflage the redness And the color opposite to red is green. Therefore, we have to use the green color that is in the corrector palette.

  • Green – red marks 
  • Yellow – broken capillaries, bruises
  • Orange – dark circles, brown spots such as blemishes and freckles (suitable for tan/dark skin)
  • Peach – Dark circles that have a purple tone. (Suitable for white to medium tone skin)
  • Purple – dark circles, dark spots (suitable for tan skin / Medium Tone, but not suitable for white and yellow skin)
  • Pink – dark circles, increases brightness, does not look tired (suitable for white skin)
  • Blue – camouflages various marks, balances skin tone. (adds brightness to dull, pale skin, reduces tones that are too orange for tanned skin)

If you are a woman who has serious problems with uneven skin tone, such as allergies causing dark circles under the eyes. And just using concealer isn’t enough. You should use the collection to adjust your skin tone before concealing dark circles. Or anyone who has heavy acne scars should use the purple collection to adjust the skin tone before applying foundation and concealer to cover them. Therefore, if girls feel that they need smooth facial skin coverage. But using only foundation and concealer is still not perfect. It is recommend to base it with a skin color correcting collection first to make the makeup look more perfect.