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What effects does eating too much sugar have on the body?

Eating sugar, especially in excessive amounts It often becomes a health problem for people around the world. Consumption of sugar in various foods, whether it be soft drinks, desserts, sauces, processed foods, or even sugar that we add ourselves. These sugars are link to various

Practice correct walking posture for better health.

Walking is a natural movement that is perform every day. So we don’t focus much on how to walk. But did you know that some people walk with the wrong posture and walking in the wrong way can result in back pain, joint pain, and

Some effective weight loss guidelines for people ages 30 and up.

Losing weight is challenging, especially as we age. That’s because the body’s metabolic process slows down. Including changes in hormone levels that may result in weight gain. In addition, there are lifestyle factors for people aged 30 years and over who, when they become adults,