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How to cope and prevent exercise induced dehydration?

To get the great health benefits from exercise. And reduce the risk of the effects of dehydration from exercise. The following methods may help. 1. Drink water properly. Drinking the right amount of water will help your body function normally. By drinking sips of water throughout the day,

Benefits of fish oil.

Because fish oil contains healthy fats like omega-3 that are important for the functioning of many systems in the body, it is believed that consuming fish oil may have a number of health benefits. Helps maintain heart health. Several studies have shown that consuming fish

Symptoms of asthma.

Symptoms of asthma It will be different for each person. Some cases will have intermittent symptoms and disappear. But some cases disease are continuous. And what time it will happen is unpredictable. Common symptoms of asthma patients include: Severe asthma symptoms that require urgent treatment. Which are life-threatening are

Benefits of omega 3.

Omega 3 fatty acids  are polyunsaturated fats with multiple chemical double bond positions. (Polyunsaturated Fat) is classified as good fat. It consists of fatty acids such as ALA, EPA and DHA. Which are essential nutrients for the body that must be obtained from food and supplements.  The benefits of omega