Practice correct walking posture for better health.

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Walking is a natural movement that is perform every day. So we don’t focus much on how to walk. But did you know that some people walk with the wrong posture and walking in the wrong way can result in back pain, joint pain, and decreased ability to balance?

In the long term, walking with the wrong posture may increase the risk of problems with muscles, tendons, and joints throughout the body because walking requires the use of many organs, including the feet, legs, ankles, hips, torso, back, shoulders, ทางเข้า ufabet and the angles of the body. head and arm swing At this point, many people are probably wondering what the correct walking posture should be. This article has the answer.

Normally, any form of physical movement That organ will work more. Especially with repetitive movements, if we move with the wrong posture, it may accelerate the deterioration of the organs.

Walking uses many organs and body parts, such as muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves. When we walk, these organs move causing them to press and rub against each other. Even though these components are built to handle movement including pressure and friction. But if we walk in the wrong position, it may increase the pressure and friction. As a result, the organs are affect by these forces more than usual. When used frequently Those organs may also degenerate before the time they should.

It is true that we have all been able to walk since we were children. But just because we’ve been walking for a long time may not mean we have the correct walking posture. This is because many people have incorrect walking postures that can affect their health and personality in the long run.

The correct walking position is that the head is erect and does not sway back and forth with the steps. Eyes looking at the ground in front Let your shoulders relax. Because you have to tense but just stretch your chest a little. to lift the ribs Helps you breathe more fully.

When walking, don’t bend your hips. But you should tighten your stomach and hips in line with your body. To reduce the chance of back pain Have a rhythm of alternating left and right arm swings, elbows at a 90 degree angle and should swing in a straight line at the side of the body.

The distance of your steps should be equal to shoulder width. Ready to twist your hips to follow the steps of each leg. To help increase the exertion of the thigh and hip muscles better. And most importantly, the heels must reach the floor first and then shift your body weight onto the soles of the feet. Place your feet in line with the floor.